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Repair Process

1. Evaluation

Spindles for rework are received and logged into our repair database. Each spindle is assigned a transport bin and tracked throughout the repair.

Each spindle is tested then disassembled into its major components and all critical features and tolerances are inspected for damage or wear.

An estimate for the cost of the repair, including services and parts, is generated and sent to the customer for approval prior to any work being performed.


2. Repair

  • New replacement parts are installed per OEM specifications.
  • All spindle components are thoroughly cleaned and reassembled.
  • Collet taper is reground if total indicated runout exceeds .00005″.
  • Complete replacement of all O-Rings and Seals

3. Balancing

  • The heart of a quality repair is a well balanced shaft.
  • All armature shafts are balanced to less then .5mg/inch. on our German built Schenk balancing machine.

4. Testing

  • After balancing and reassembly, vibration is measured and recorded.
  • High-speed dynamic run out is measured and recorded.
  • All information, including amp draw, coolant flow, air usage, static run out and dynamic run out is recorded.


5. Delivery

  • After a spindle has been repaired to original equipment specifications, a service report is generated.
  • The spindle is returned to the customer in a custom designed, protective package with its service report.
  • Spindle repair history from Jevco’s database is always available to the customer.
  • Repairs are warranted for material and workmanship.
  • Turn around time is typically 1 week from customer approval.