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Bare Board Test Service



Viking Test Services is the UK’s leading bare board test service. We use the most advanced equipment available and employ well trained staff to ensure the best customer satisfaction.

Our CAM department employs a range of CAM products to ensure that we can produce test data and manufacture a test fixture for, not only our in house test systems, but all electrical test machines available.

We are capable of manufacturing test fixtures for:


  • Electronia
  • Nidec Read
  • Olivetti
  • Mania
  • Fastek
  • Luther & Maelzer
  • Circuit Line
  • ATG

… and are confident in our ability to handle the demands of any of the other test systems in use today.

All fixtures produced by our CAM department are despatched with the appropriate netlist and fault repair data for the test machine. A fault repair software package is provided free of charge and is part of this service, if necessary. Please see our PROFAULT page for more details of this software.

We have in-house capability for repair of open or short circuits followed by re-test to guarantee the electrical conductivity. We also have facilities for touching up the Solder Mask after repair.

We offer:

  • flying probe test
  • universal double sided, double density test
  • Hi-Potential test
  • Buried passive testing
  • Up to 1000 Volt ,1200 Mohms test
  • Low resistance test with Kelvin probes down to 0.5 mOhms
  • Flexible and inner layer test
  • fault verification and repair
  • track welding