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Wet Process Lines

uce machine

UCE is one of the world’s leading producers of premium P.C.B. Horizontal Wet Processing Equipment. UCE is also among the most dynamic and progressive global-minded P.C.B. equipment manufacturers, with 4 production facilities in China, and a network of service centres servicing key markets worldwide.

UCE manufactures equipment for the world’s best known and highly respected P.C.B. manufacturers, including Sanmina-SCI, KB PCB Group, Multek Corporation, Tripod Technology Corporation, Wus Printed Circuit, Viasystems Group, Gold Circuit, Merix, Meadville Enterprises & Unitech Printed Circuit Board Corporation.

UCE integrated operations to ensure the highest quality at every step of the manufacturing process. UCE started in Guangdong province of Southern China, continued development through material sourcing, purchasing, manufacturing, packaging and retailing. UCE P.C.B. Horizontal Wet Processing Equipment production is complemented by strong product development capabilities. The UCE’s design and merchandising team work closely with its research and development centres to create unique finishing such as Desmear+PTH which consistently make UCE become pioneer in the P.C.B. industry.

UCE’s uncompromising emphasis on ethical business practices, creativity and continual improvement which have been earned it a reputation. Through application technology and manufacturing processes, UCE is continuously to be the pioneer of the P.C.B. equipment industry reformation.

Chemical Clean MC

Clean MC

DES Line

Desmear PTH MC

Immersion Silver MC

Jetmaster MC


Oxide Replacement MC

Pumice Scrubbing MC

Scrubbing MC