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Infinite Graphics

IGI’s specialty is understanding your needs and providing the services and software systems to meet them…Precisely.

Take a look at IGI’s wide array of precision graphics and CAD/CAM solutions. You’ll discover a company committed to providing the most cost-effective, innovative, dependable answers to the complete spectrum of your design and manufacturing needs.

IGI’s success is built on long-term working relationships with our customers. For both products and services they count on IGI to maintain the highest standards.

· Accuracy – Accuracy to your specifications in all services we render.

· Reliability – All products and services are completed to meet your needs at the price and deadline to which we commit.

· Innovation – Our cutting edge technology keeps you ahead of the competition.

No micro software supplier offers a more complete selection of software, hardware, and communication equipment – all the elements necessary to make your CAD/CAM system from IGI address all of your unique design needs. We offer a comprehensive array of software, hardware, and communications equipment, along with the expertise to customize them for the unique needs of your business environment.

If your needs require software design and configuration, IGI offers custom-configuration services from our team of experienced and talented software designers.


Checkmate Software
CheckMate Eliminate costly reworks and increase productivity with this suite of tools that checks the manufacturing data generated from your design. Evaluate data and create detailed reports with CheckMate.
fireplot Software
FirePlot Increase your plotter efficiency through automatic inputting, rasterizing, and queuing plot files on this IGI plotter front end without the restrictions of your present hardware.
ParCAM Software
ParCAM The industry benchmark for producibility analysis that will reduce reworks and increase productivity. Provides PCB manufacturers with netlist extract and compare capabilities, an online DRC/DFF automated editing package, and a fully automated panelization package. Test point editing is an available option.
Ext Software
EXT The PAR package featuring test point editing and electrical test outputs.
Par Software
PAR Provides PCB manufacturers with netlist extract and compare capabilities. Available options include test point editing and an Interactive Conflict Editor (ICE).
ProFLEX Software
ProFLEX A full featured CAD package for use in flex circuit and additional design services. Includes multiple inputs, new exporting capabilities, and Visual Basic scripting.
CAMTEK Software
Camtek Save Time and Money with Quick Conversion of Job Data into Camtek AOI Setup and Reference Formats. Easily integrated into any engineering environment.