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Wide WD6000

WD6000 series of laser plotter is mainly designed for high-demand products such as multi-level PCB, tender board and LCD. It enjoys the highest performance-price ratio of its kind with its features :

  • Fine control parts
  • High precision
  • World-level laser adjusting control system
  • Non-linear fault correcting system
  • Convenient hardware updating
  • High processing speed
  • Stable performance



WD6000 WD6000A
Film Size 660mm*508mm
Film Thickness 0.1±0.01mm/ 0.17±0.01mm
Image Mode Roller 4-beam laser Image Roller 16-beam laser Image
Resolution 4000dpi‚8000dpi 4000dpi‚8000dpi
Image Time 14’20” (4000 dpi) 3’35” (4000 dpi)
Overlapping Resolution ±0.01mm
Film Uploading Mode Vacuum Absorption,Manual Loading
Size 1120mm*670mm*1260mm
Weight 300kg


Installation Requirements Temperature 15°C-25°C Humidity 40-80%+20°C Ground Resistance: less than 4Œ©

PDF Document Please click here to download the PDF for this specification.