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Microcraft ELA6146

Max No. of PCB in Stacker: 250pcs(PCB thickness is 0.006″(1.6mm))
The 24 hours unattended Loader / Unloader is now available for the most demanding ELX6146.
Stamping functions of OK and NG are also available for the testing of multi-image boards.

Specifications (ELA6146 / EMA6151)
Max. Board Size
24 x 18″(610 x 460mm) / 24 x 20″(610 x 510mm)
Number of Probe
2 Top, 2 Bottom
Min. Board Size
4 x 6″(100 x 150mm)
Max. Board Thickness for Clamping
Repeatable Accuracy
±0.000394″(±10µm) / ±0.000157″(±4µm)
0.000236″(6µm) / 0.000079″(2µm)
Min. Pad Pitch†2
0.007087″(180µm) / 0.004724″(120µm)
Min. Pad Size†3
0.00314″(80µm) / 0.00118″(30µm)
Test Voltage of Resistance Measurement
Continuity test : 0-10V Isolation test : 250V(500V/1000V option)
Test Current of Resistance Measurement
Continuity test : 2.65 µA-125mA
Clamp System
Number of CCD Camera
2 Top, 2 Bottom
Air Requirements(Pressure, Consumption)
0.5MPa, 53gal/min.(200Ltr/min.)
Power Supply (Single Phase AC200-240V 50/60Hz)†4
10A / 15A

2778lbs.(1260kg) / 3307lbs.(1500kg)

†1max. weight of PCB: 2.2lbs.(1kg)
†2 When Probe (T96MC-PB-0R40) used.
†3 When Probe (T96MC-PB-0B00) used.
†4 Power Supply : There is a case incoming current about decuple of amperage rating might pass when power is on. Please choose breaker that will not cause any malfunction by this incoming current.
[System Requirements] Control PC & Monitor
[Software] EMMA2000 is standard, Ask our sales department about our optional software.
[Probe Type] Users can choose one of different types of probes depending on tester models. Please ask our sales for specifications of each probe & PC.
[Operating Conditions] 70-75°F (21-24°C), 30-70% relative humidity, non-condensing, no dust, no vibration, no corrosive gas.
Please click here to view flyer for ELA6146/EMA6151(PDF:407KB)