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Over the past 26 years, MicroCraft and the worldwide electronics industry have grown tremendously. MicroCraft’s foundation has been built on engineering first, management second. This has allowed our engineering staff to cultivate their ideas and bring them to market. Among all our achievements, the VME Bus System has truly brought market recognition and technical ability to MicroCraft.

MicroCraft is continuously developing new and original products thus allowing our unconventional ideas to be useful products for our customers.

MicroCraft’s products are industry proven and installed in many of the world’s leading edge PCB facilities. By catering our product line to our customers’ specific needs, MicroCraft has a solution for you. Testing ultra fine pitch pcbs, flexible pcbs, or super large pcbs with high speed and high accuracy is made possible with our famed EMMA series of testers. Our TDR Series will enable you to conduct high speed high accuracy impedance measurements. No matter what your technology need, MicroCraft offers the solution.

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