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UV-P300 LDI 

Limata’s UV Laser Direct Imaging

Limata’s new UV laser direct imaging technology offers completely new possibilities in manufacturing with the highest resolution up to 25 micron. Thanks to the latest laser technology the machines are able to realize the fastest exposure times in their machine class.

The machines UV-P100/150/200 are a case sui generis, as they secure a completely maskless process with the highest operational safety.

Ø Ultra fast direct imaging for highest throughputs

Ø Complete maskless process with solder mask printing

Ø New Tri Wavelength

Ø Unique 100 % process safety with redundant sources

Ø Very low maintenance costs

Ø Dual Drawer

Ø Paatented soldermask option

Ø Most suitable for manufacturer with express services, time critical jobs or high throughputs