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Pro Via

Process Photonics are a world leader in laser processing systems for the PCB and semi conductor markets.

Process Photonics was founded in 2002 by former GSI Lumonics designers, engineers, and scientists with an average of over 12 years previous experience in advanced laser systems design and manufacturing.

Process Photonics has developed the rugged ProVia platform, a unique workstation design that has been configured for use with industry-proven CO2 and UV laser sources. Three basic configurations are available:

The ProVia-C with an RF-excited CO2laser for optimized machining in all common polymer materials, as well as green ceramic tape. Via sizes down to 80µm diameter.

The ProVia-UV with a UV laser for optimized process quality in all common polymer materials, plus the ability to machine copper. Via sizes down to 40µm diameter.

The ProVia-H, with an RF-excited CO2 laser for optimized machining in all common dielectric materials, plus a UV laser for copper machining.

Datasheet: Pro Via

Process Photonics also manufacture a series of systems both standard and customized for specific applications including:

  • Via drilling in printed wiring boards and ceramic tape
  • Machining flexible printed circuits
  • Trim and test of printed resistors (e.g. embedded passives)
  • Automated Optical Inspection
  • Other
  • Wire stripping
  • flat panel displays
  • medical device manufacture