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Plasma technology GmbH, converting visions into every day processes
In all aspects of plasma technology, we cover the whole process chain – from the development of individual processes up to the selection and manufacture of appropriate equipment – with innovative and proven products.
Benefit from our competence in developing appropriate processes for your surfaces and optimization of existing work processes.

Plasma-technology stands for high quality! To ensure our high quality level, our quality assurance politic includes the cositant application of ISO – standards.

plasma-technology GmbH a partner for helping to convert those visions into every day process. We grow through your sucess in applying plasma process to achieve your goals.

Plasma-technology GmbH has been engaged in the area of low pressure plasma technology for more than 10 years.

Due to the intensive contact with users in surface technology, our plasma surface treatment technology is Globally successfully implemented into practice.

Innovation can be advanced by plasma technology, visions become reality and then every day processes. A future without plasma technology – unimaginable!

At plasma-technology GmbH all our systems are highly flexible, economical, and on request, individually designed to meet your needs.

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